Apple’s new $599 iPad Air will come with a sleek, new form of Touch ID that we may see in future iPhones

SourceBusiness Insider

Apple announced the new iPad Air Thursday, which will come with a borderless screen and a new form of Touch ID. The iPad's Touch ID function will be tucked into the power button at the top of the device, removing the home button and allowing for a larger screen. We may see this sleek, new form of Touch ID in Apple's future iPhone models as the company caters to a consumer demand for touch sensors. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Apple unveiled a redesigned iPad Air during its Tuesday product launch that features a major facelift thanks to a new form of Touch ID. The $599 iPad Air won't come with a home button, which historically has been how users unlock their devices with their fingerprints. Instead, that function will be housed more...