How Whisps Created A New Snacking Category


The Whisps team at Winter Fancy Foods 2020 in San Francisco Today, Whisps Snacks are one of the most popular snacks on grocery shelves and the leader in a new category that they helped create. But just a few years ago, it was merely an idea sitting within the food innovation team at Schuman Cheese, the largest importer of Italian cheeses in the United States. I sat down with Ilana Fischer, CEO of Whisps, to learn more about how they created this new snacking category and the advantages of launching this “startup” within the halls of a larger company.

Dave Knox: If someone isn’t familiar with the brand, what are Whisps? Ilana Fischer: Whisps is a pure cheese crisp, and it’s a really simple concept. We take grated cheese and we bake it in an oven and out comes a Whisp on the other end. Italians have been making this product in their home ovens for generations and anyone more...