This Week In XR: Meet The New Campfire XR HMD, Proximie Snares 38M, Zoom Immersive Features


Tribeca Immersive will offer a combination of real land virtual events this June. The XR section of the venerated New York film festival introduced its offering on Tuesday: a mix of VR in the Museum of Other Realities, some limited in-person events at the Tribeca Hub downtown, and location-based mobile AR experiences around New York. While Burning Man announced it’s throwing in the towel on a live 2021 event, the world’s largest trade show, CES, will be back in Las Vegas the first week of January, 2022.

In 2020, CES (the consumer everything show 😉 set a record with 170, 000 attendees from 164 countries. The Campfire HMD is just one part of the larger system for design and engineering. Campfire hi-res XR design system emerges from stealth with 8M in VC $ and something so amazing we see its like but once or twice a year. AR images are as flawless as a QLED. 92 degree FOV. VR more...