All The Ways To Make Money In Media Without Running Ads

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All The Ways To Make Money In Media Without Ads It turns out there are a lot of ways. Shape By Michael Rothman , Co-Founder, CEO at Fatherly@mjrawth At a time when Google, Facebook and Amazon capture up to 70% of all ad dollars generated in the US and newspapers across the country have  shed half their journalism jobs since 2008 , you may think only a masochist would make a career in ad-supported media right now. But every period of creative destruction provides a wellspring of opportunity for entrepreneurs with passion, a point of view on the world and a capacity to embrace uncertainty. The lessons here are broad-when it comes to marketing your product, every company is in some ways a media company, and finding multiple revenue streams is essential to most healthy businesses.  To benefit anyone trying to build a content business, I've compiled a list of successful revenue models. I deliberately left out advertising models because I want to highlight what else is out there in a world where a predictable advertising business is increasingly out of reach for all but the largest platform providers. I've worked in media for nearly 20 years. I was on the founding team at  Thrillist , started  Fatherly more...