Candy for Grown-ups

SourceThe New York Times
CountryMiddle east

Candy Gets a Brand ExtensionWhen did we become a nation of Willy Wonkas?Credit...Scott RothBy Danielle BraffFeb. 22, 2021, 12:26 p.m. ETWhen Robyn Blair Davidson, 34, was envisioning an aesthetic for her New York City apartment two years ago, her eyes wandered over to a bowl of candy on her table.“I realized then and there that I should be filling my walls with pieces that make me as happy as the bowls filled with candy do,” said Ms. Davidson, an artist.Today, Ms.

Davidson’s home contains a custom-made desk with yellow, blue and pink candy dots; her walls are covered with candy-themed art; she has a massive tub of Dubble Bubble; and her display shelves contain rare vintage candy in its original packaging.She has incorporated her candy obsession into her art and also sells candy dishes, puzzles, phone cases and a series of prints featuring candy that say: “Warning Sugar High.”“At the end of the day, a sugar high lasts a more...