Supply Chain Trends In Food & Beverage

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Every day, supply chain executives are tasked with meeting the rising demands of their customers. Whether it’s speeding products to market, shifting business strategies to include e-commerce fulfillment capabilities, implementing new technology, or reducing risk, the end result is always to keep customers happy and loyal. However, as supply chains evolve and new trends come to the forefront, there is one thing supply chain managers will always have to deal with – disruption.

While disruption can be both positive – peaks in business – and challenges – worldwide pandemics – the question is whether supply chain executives and managers are able to apply new strategies, predictive analytics, and innovation to keep their supply chain resilient. Macro trends such as government regulations, talent management, and new technology continue to have a heavy influence on the consumer goods industry. Regulatory pressures for cleaner, more efficient warehouses and fleets, as well as safety regulations, hours of service, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety more...