Tech Is Enabling These 5 Shopper Trends. Is Retail Ready?

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58% of U.S. retail sales are expected to be influenced by digital factors by 2023


The wheel may be one of humankind’s greatest innovations, but keep in mind that it’s what the tool can do – not the tool itself – that guides history.

This applies to high-tech inventions as well.

Retailers thought digital shopping would forever alter consumer behavior, but actually, it’s the implicit capabilities behind e-commerce that are feeding more widespread, and potentially daunting, change.

The power of shared information from everyday consumers via social media, the ability to buy with digital money, the resulting awareness of how our data is being used – these offspring of digital commerce are now encircling it, reshaping it and requiring fluid change.

Consider: Digital factors are expected to influence 58% of U.S. retail sales by 2023.

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