Nivea and Amazon celebrate skin diversity

  • Date: 02-Apr-2024
  • Source: Campaign Middle East
  • Sector:Retail
  • Country:Saudi Arabia
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Nivea and Amazon celebrate skin diversity

NIVEA has partnered with Amazon in Saudi Arabia to launch a campaign celebrating skin diversity.

The campaign aligns with broader trends of brands embracing cultural diversity and inclusivity.

Saudi Arabia’s evolving social landscape provides a unique backdrop for such initiatives, especially as the country undergoes significant socio-cultural transformations.

By tapping into the country’s awakening and highlighting its progress and cultural wealth, the brand aims to connect with Saudi consumers on a deeper level while also resonating with international audiences.

This approach not only reflects a commitment to inclusivity but also positions NIVEA as a brand that understands and celebrates the diversity of its customer base.

The partnership marks the retail giant’s first-ever brand partnership in the Kingdom, using its distribution power to deliver a skin-positivity message to thousands of Saudi homes.

This historic collaboration resulted in a design that used data and skin analysis to  represent the diverse skin tones of Saudi Arabia.

The design was then applied to 530,000 Amazon boxes, along with an open-ended message printed on the box: ‘MY SKIN IS MY_______’ that invites recipients to complete the sentence by reflecting on the significance of their skin.

The “Unboxing Skin” campaign represents a bold departure from traditional advertising strategies by transforming the Amazon box