Saudi Arabia Tops Consumer Confidence in Local Economy Trends Index

SourceAsharq AL-awsat
CountrySaudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia topped the “Consumer Confidence in Local Economy Trends” index compared to the 23 countries, according to the Global Consumer Confidence Index: May 2021 issued by Ipsos.

The index includes consumers’ feedback on the current and future status of the local economy and their assessment of their personal financial conditions and investment.

Ipsos relies on various sectors including commerce, industry, retail, banks as well as governments, in general, to study the changes in this indicator while making economic and investment decisions, including the Kingdom’s National Center for Measuring the Performance of Public Institutions (ADAA).

The Kingdom also ranked second globally among 23 countries in the general index of “consumer confidence” for the same month, in addition to achieving second place in the results of the “personal financial capabilities” index, and second place in the “investment confidence” index.

In a statement issued Thursday, ADAA explained that the “Global Consumer Confidence Index” depends in its assessment on four main axes: consumer confidence in “ more...