Car rental during Covid: Calculating the minutes between expansion and survival


Hasib Khan is the founder and CEO of Udrive, a UAE-based on-demand mobility startup that is now looking to raise investment through crowdfunding.  For many startups, the ultimate goal is to ‘scale up’ to ‘establish’ and ‘expand’ and to gain attention from customers, investors, and media.

However, you need to learn to walk before you run, and build a solid business foundation before you can expand. Our business story is the same.  Since launching Udrive, the region’s first on-demand car-sharing platform in 2017, we’ve had our fair share of startup experiences, both positive and negative while scaling at triple digits across revenue, users and fleet. In 2020, the outlook was very different from the previous year with new challenges brought about by the pandemic. As with other counties, we have seen and are continuing to more...