Shopping for a cause: Top picks around the UAE

  • Date: 10-Nov-2022
  • Source: Khaleej Times
  • Sector:Retail
  • Country:UAE
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Shopping for a cause: Top picks around the UAE

This week, we’re going shopping, with art on our minds, as we do our bit as well

Published: Thu 10 Nov 2022, 9:14 PM

Who said that if you need to shop for ‘art’, you have to always buy only paintings, artefacts, and sculptures?

Say no to plastic, attend to chores

Stopping over to attend to daily chores just got an artistic twist, with Emirati artist Abdulla Lutfi’s line of canvas bags, a collaboration with Grandiose Supermarkets. Abdulla Lutfi, or AL as he prefers to sign his work, is known for his signature art style utilising black marker pens against a white background. His illustrations, which are complemented by humourous speech bubbles, have been consistent across all of his storytelling and also on the bags, which one can buy from the supermarket. The two variations use contemporary character-based illustrations, two Emirati characters, that humanise the go-green slogans like “Stop No More Plastic” and “This Is Not A Plastic Bag”. Lutfi says, “At a time when my home country is headlining its environment-first initiatives, I am honoured to be working with Grandiose, and contributing to the movement the way I know best. Through my art.”

Pretty you, say hello to reusable bags

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