Bahrain-based Tech Startup DMARC360 taking on Global contenders


DMARC360 a Bahrain-based email security startup has just announced that it’s online platform is now hosted in multiple locations across the globe to cater to global data regulations. Now any organization worldwide can sign up for DMARC360’s freemium or paid services at their nearest point of presence through their website. As a fully online solution that caters to multiple organizations across the globe, this is a stepping stone to further growth in their field. They had started this idea of local hosting to enhance security and availability by containerizing the platform and hosting it in multiple locations to satisfy individual country’s data protection laws that require their critical data infrastructure to be hosted in-country only. By having their platform hosted within specific countries, they can continue to operate whilst ensuring that and organization’s data stays within its perimeter.

Just last year alone, they had locally hosted their platform in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This year, more...