NGN Seminar Explores the Fusion of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

  • Date: 11-Feb-2024
  • Source: Biz Bahrain
  • Sector:Technology
  • Country:Bahrain
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NGN Seminar Explores the Fusion of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

NGN, a leading IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company in Bahrain has announced that its upcoming cybersecurity awareness majlis is themed “Cybersecurity in the Era of AI” This event will bring together cybersecurity experts and thought leaders from information security, technology, and ICT.

The decision to organize this event stems from the growing challenges posed by the widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence across sectors monitored by NGN, and in line with the company’s ongoing effort to raise awareness about cybersecurity.

Taking place on Tuesday, February 13, at NGN’s headquarters, the seminar will explore a wide range of topics including the influence of artificial intelligence on corporate cybersecurity strategies, the application of AI in detecting and combating cyberattacks, the role of AI in improving responses to cyber incidents, and the legal and ethical challenges associated with AI in cybersecurity.

Additionally, the event aims to empower cybersecurity companies with smart solutions to enhance their security measures and identify potential gaps in their systems and applications.

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN, commented: “NGN is organizing this seminar as a proactive measure to bolster the preparedness of Bahraini companies in tackling threats arising from the pervasive influence of artificial intelligence. The aim is to