Facebook Dubbed Most Popular Digital Marketing Channel in Egypt

SourceAl Bawaba

Boost, a leading marketing performance tracker, has conducted a survey where hundreds of Egyptian CEOs and Business leaders speak about their marketing efforts. The survey included 312 CEOs and business leaders in several sectors, namely trade, industry, tourism, financial services, retail, real estate, marketing, auto, agriculture, consulting, education, NGO, logistics, and hospitality. The participating companies whose employees range between 1-10 constitute 33% of the sample, 22.3% of respondents have 10-15 employees, 50-200 individual companies constitute 15.2% of the sample, 18.8% of companies have 200-1,000 employees, and the rest 10.7% of participating companies have more than 1,000 employees. Furthermore, 52.7% of respondent companies have international presence, while 47.3% of the responders have only local presence. The survey said that 20% of responders seem to rate their current marketing efforts as less than 2 ...read more...