Sisi emphasizes digital transformation, constitutional reviews in preparatory meeting for African constitutional courts

SourceEgypt Today

Speeches made via video conference to prepare for meeting of African Constitutional Courts - press photo CAIRO – 20 February 2021: Common constitutional basis that reflect an African vision should be laid to counter the challenges facing the continent, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said in the online preparatory meeting of the heads of African constitutional courts on Saturday. Sisi added that digital transformation is a major challenge in Africa and will adversely impact countries that do not seek it, calling for making the most of the digital judicial platform that was launched in previous meetings for the welfare of African nations. The president also said that constitutions should always be reviewed and updated to keep up with challenges and a world that changes rapidly. He concluded his speech via video conference saying “long live Egypt and long live Africa.” The preparatory conference was launched Saturday in participation of more...