How the Middle East’s digital-first economy is re-inventing the ways we work and learn

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As Middle East companies step up their preparations to return to work safely, the expectations of customers have transformed forever. And it’s clear that the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be felt for some time. According to a recent McKinsey survey, up to 80% of workers across Europe say they face a certain degree of job insecurity; projections suggest that unemployment on the continent could double. The crisis has raised fundamental questions for all organisations: how to migrate services online, respond to shifting workplace realities, and rising need to re- and upskill the workforce for the jobs of the future.

As these organisations embark on the digital transformation journey, they’re going to need the right technologies and trusted advice along the way. Transforming the Workplace Across every industry, the ways we work – how we access information, communicate and collaborate remotely – are transforming fast. According to Salesforce’s own research, 69% of consumers and employees expect that the practical and cultural shifts we’re seeing now will become permanent: increasing opportunities to work from home, to host and attend virtual as opposed to physical events, and to learn online. How companies operate, and also how more...