Game-changers: Top 10 tech executives across MENA

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Game-changers: Top 10 tech executives across MENA

The ICT market in the Middle East is anticipated to witness exponential growth owing to governmental digital transformation objectives and the adoption of disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The widespread availability of 5G services, as well as their importance in a variety of business applications and industrial verticals, is also driving market growth. According to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan, the Middle East’s ICT market is expected to reach $95.05bn by 2025 from $84.23bn in 2020. “Rising demand for technologies, including AI, machine learning, and IoT will drive market growth. 5G, classrooms of the future, e-governance, next-generation healthcare, smart cities, smart mobility, and smart tourism are key focus areas for governments and enterprises,” said Shibapriya Saha, programme manager at Frost & Sullivan. As more Middle Eastern businesses migrate to the cloud, the region is also poised to become one of the most profitable markets for cloud and data centre providers, she added. The next wave of expansion in the Middle East will be led by Iraq, Oman and Egypt. Qatar, along with Egypt, will have the greatest growth, but Saudi Arabia will continue to be the largest market. Furthermore, the

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