V-LIM upgrade – Solving the headache caused by obsolete IMD devices

SourceEnergy Voice

Oil and gas operators are regularly faced with obsolescence issues when parts of their subsea control systems need replacing or updating. Operators usually either prefer to replace parts with like-for-like alternatives which fit into their existing system or upgrade their technology to benefit from additional functionality. When critical parts become obsolete, replacement options don’t always fit the original form factor, resulting in additional installation time as well as an increase in maintenance costs and potential loss of production. Viper Innovations was recently approached by a customer who required an upgraded line integrity monitor (LIM, also known as an insulation monitoring device or IMD) to be installed into the controls cabinet. The incumbent supplier could only offer a device which was not a “fit and form” replacement and would involve significant reworking of the cabinet in order to install a device with a different shape and size. Viper Innovations was able to offer the V-LIM as a simpler solution to this issue.

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