Feynman Technique: Promising approach to simplify studying

  • Date: 23-May-2023
  • Source: Kuwait Times
  • Sector:Technology
  • Country:Kuwait
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Feynman Technique: Promising approach to simplify studying

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Students and teachers alike are often looking for effective strategies to enhance their learning and teaching methods. There are various techniques proposed by experts and researchers in the field of education. One such technique that has gained popularity in recent years is the Feynman Technique. This technique is named after Richard Feynman, a physicist who was known for his ability to explain complex topics in a simple and understandable manner.

The Feynman Technique is a learning strategy that involves breaking down complex concepts and ideas into simpler, more digestible ones. To help students and teachers find easier ways to navigate through their academic experiences, Kuwait Times discussed this technique with Kasia Kayat, a homeroom teacher at a private American school in Kuwait, Mohammad Al-Ansari, an English teacher at a public high school in Kuwait, and AlKawther, a student at a public high school in Kuwait.

The Feynman Technique consists of four steps: The first step is to understand the concept or subject matter thoroughly. This involves gathering information from various sources and breaking it down into smaller parts. The second step is to simplify the information. This involves breaking down the complex concept into simpler terms and relating it