Lebanon’s agro startup scene

  • Date: 10-Jan-2023
  • Source: Executive
  • Sector:Technology
  • Country:Lebanon
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Lebanon’s agro startup scene

Dry and Raw

Dry and Raw is a boutique food idea, inspired by nature and with the hope to provide local and international customers with up-market natural and organic food products from Lebanon. Dry and Raw is not only an idea, but a lifestyle lived by brothers Nabil and Dani Khoury. “Being in the West allowed me to go and learn more about food and alcohol,” Nabil Khoury tells Executive, alluding to the time he lived abroad. “I got all this knowledge and I have been using it for myself and friends at home for more than 30 years.” 

After time away, Nabil returned to Lebanon at the start of 2019 with a career change in mind. “I saw that I was really ready to jump into this food and beverage business because I have been practicing for so long, and I have got all the training and trials to master what I do,” he says. The brothers then sought to share their “food experience” with the public. 

Dry and Raw – the business name touches upon their style of products – is currently producing more than 600 food items in-house, using organic and naturally grown products from its farm in southern Lebanon.