67% of Mideast executives ‘moving to modern tech’

CountryMiddle east

Two-thirds of Middle East executives who responded to a survey said that that they have taken measures to modernize their existing technology infrastructure – moving from data servers to cloud storage – in the past five years.Middle Eastern companies registered a significant surge in their innovation strategy scores on Accenture’s Innovation Maturity Index, as businesses reviewed their strategies due to Covid-19.However, the new report by Accenture found that despite the pandemic opening doors to embrace new ways of working and doing business, there was only a marginal uptake in companies reimagining themselves, reflected by a 1% increase in the overall index score. This signifies the regional dichotomy between a culture that sets companies up to innovate new ways of working enabled by technology and traditional ways of doing business, which often requires a physical presence.“The pandemic triggered new ways of working and doing business,” said Xavier Anglada, Accenture’s Strategy and Consulting and Innovation lead in the Middle East. “However, only...read more...