Closing the customer experience gap: Why empathy is key

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Closing the customer experience gap: Why empathy is key

The pandemic acted as a crash course in customer experience. Organisations have been forced to rethink every customer touchpoint and rebuild their customer journeys at record speed. According to a McKinsey survey, digital transformation initiatives were accelerated by three to four years, as companies were forced to activate new ways to reach and care for customers. While the struggles were overwhelming at times, the lesson learned was significant: To build a valuable brand, organisations must prioritise empathy over everything else. Businesses that understood – and were sensitive to – their customers’ needs and the struggles they faced, have thrived, despite the trials of the pandemic. Now, as we slowly but surely reach the other side of covid-related disruptions, the customer experience gap continues to permeate almost every industry. Businesses have had to play catch up as the number of customers engaging with businesses online jumped significantly, from browsing brand websites, using apps and switching between social platforms on a regular basis. Business leaders are now asking: How do we retain customers? How do we boost customer lifetime value? How do we grow our revenue? The answer lies within a brand’s ability to close the customer experience gap, by building more…

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