Dataiku executive highlights the need to use AI responsibly

CountryMiddle east

Sid Bhatia, Regional Director – Middle East, Dataiku, penned an exclusive op-ed for January’s edition of CNME that examines key data science trends that he believes will come to fruition in 2021- which includes the growing need for enterprises to apply AI more responsibly. In 2020, data science, machine learning, and AI have emerged as critical organisational assets for handling large-scale change with less friction. Here is a teaser of a few of our data science trends to look out for in 2021 to ensure your organisation is taking a holistic approach (think agile, responsible, and collaborative) to its data initiatives: MLOps Will Become Even More Critical Last year, we predicted that the year 2020 will almost certainly be one where MLOps processes are formalised and staffed as well as bolstered up with tools that make the job smoother and more manageable — little did we know at the time how true this would actually become. Organisations will take their MLOps foundations and go a step further to implement detailed processes and requirements around drift monitoring using MLOps. Input drift is based on the principle that a model more...