NFTs May Be The Sufficiently Advanced Technology Artists Have Needed To Utilize The Power Of Blockchain Tech

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In the demarcation of certain important techno-cultural moments, I believe that early 2021 will be noted as the time in which one of my axioms from a prior moment of demarcation — “We will know blockchain-based music startups have arrived when people stop saying the word Blockchain” — may have come to fruition. NFT non-fungible tokens art and collectables illustration, use blockchain technology to create … [+] unique digital items for crypto art, crypto-collectibles and crypto-gaming. I made this statement frequently during what I now think of as the first wave of Blockchain development (essentially, the era from the publication of Satoshi’s Whitepaper to the collapse of the price of Bitcoin in December of 2017).

I pretty much yelled it from the stage in Berlin in 2017, where I attempted to explain why, even as Blockchain tech was growing more antifragile, Blockchain-based music initiatives were still deeply fragile. A more subdued version of the talk — entitled, “A Strong more...