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Reasons Safemoon Could Rise to the Moon

Safemoon broke headlines after the altcoin increased 900% before losing 50% in just days
The altcoin was created to be “a modern digital coin that would greatly benefit holders”. However, the meteoric rise and fall made Safemoon become an internet meme
The support from popular figures like Lil Yatchy, Jake Paul, and Keemstar helped push the price of Safemoon
Regardless of the controversies surrounding this project, it was never labelled a Ponzi scheme by regulators

Safemoon went to the moon before being outed as a fraudulent scheme. Since then, many have asked the questions; ‘Is it Dead?’, ‘Will it rise again?’ This post gives a brief introduction of crypto, altcoins, the rise and fall of Safemoon, and of course the answer to the above questions.

Blockchain technology paved a way for the creation of many things in global finance.

Decentralized finance, DeFi as well as all its solutions keep becoming popular every day. The utilities more...