Why is it hard for non tech startups to get funding?

CountryMiddle east

Back in 2020, we decided as a company that we needed to scale up fast and we needed help of venture capital (VC) funds to do this. So, we approached all the “who’s who” of regional VCs and while they all appreciated our business the ideas, the passion and the achievements and traction we had demonstrated, they were all very honest that they only invested in tech startups.It took many meetings and hundreds of calls to find VCs that were ready to take a chance on us and that were willing to go to their investment committee and fight for us as they believed we truly had what it takes to scale the business and achieve the growth they required. Although, we had a long process to go through, we were ready for the due diligence, had all our documents in place and could quickly send all that was required to go through the required process.While getting funding and support...read more...