Infiniti QX50 Review: When Value Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

SourceBusiness Live ME

Spec it in any way you want, but the second-generation Infiniti QX50 makes a strong comeback as it steps into the big leagues with a galore of technology that extends to its smart powertrain, and is enough to warrant a look if you’re in the market for a luxury crossover. BLME’s Alvin Thomas writes… With an image that can be construed as obscure, the Infiniti QX50 powers its way into a comprehensive Infiniti lineup that is chockful of legacy and heritage. But with technologies that can be measured as groundbreaking, the crossover SUV snags a standalone spot in an otherwise long list of vehicles in the segment. Only half a decade separates the two-generation-strong lineage of the QX50 – but the vogueish crossover SUV tries hard to hark back to its roots more...