Student credits VCUarts Qatar for creative, bold design collection

  • Date: 17-Jun-2022
  • Source: Gulf Times
  • Sector:Technology
  • Country:Qatar
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Student credits VCUarts Qatar for creative, bold design collection

For Najla al-Eida who graduates with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Fashion Design from VCUarts Qatar this year, studying design was a natural progression of her childhood inclination towards creativity. After studying design at VCUarts Qatar, she says the four-year programme did more than channel her creativity; it gave her the courage to celebrate and interpret her culture through her own eyes.

“Throughout my life I have lived in a paradox of my own, as an introvert it was hard for me to express my ideas to my surrounding,” she explains. “I kept my bold thoughts regarding culture, identity etc., to myself. However, as I started experimenting with ideas and techniques in the fashion major, I challenged the existing norms. After all, as a designer, it’s part of my job to offer different pathways for individuals to express themselves and not get stuck in a niche market.”

Najla says she reached a chapter in her life when she developed ways to express herself in an “unapologetic manner”.

“I feel like my collection screams ‘This is me, and these are my thoughts’,” says the Class of 2022 graduate. “My collection ‘Confessions of a Local’, offers a platform for expression