How blockchain could transform background checks

SourceWorld Economic Forum
CountryMiddle east

Background checks are critical but time-consuming. Saudi Aramco recently developed a verification solution that deployed blockchain can ensure an efficient and secure hiring process. Competency verification - like training and academic certificates - is critically important for high-risk work such as operating machinery or dealing with hazardous chemicals. However, current traditional certificate verification practices of contacting the original issuer or third-party services are often time-consuming, cumbersome and opaque. These processes are also often vulnerable to fraud. A more secure, transparent, and efficient solution can prove authenticity of professional credentials and help detect fake and fraudulent certificates based on blockchain technology.

Saudi Aramco’s approach can present an option to speed such verification, helping companies hire qualified candidates more quickly. The Problem: Credential verification is critical in high-risk work. Such processes underpin the following: Safety. Professionals and technicians without the appropriate required training and credentials jeopardize the safety of the oval work environment and could put themselves – and others – at major risk. Operational Efficiency/Cost. Unqualified employees with limited skills are likely to be less productive and efficient than their peers with the required skill sets and experience. They may not have the knowledge or ability to more...