How Did Advanced Technology Reshape Saudi Arabia Gas Industry?

SourceAl Bawaba
SectorOil & Gas
CountrySaudi Arabia

“The MGS is a network of gas-gathering facilities and pipelines to capture, process and utilize gas as fuel for power generation and feedstock for the gas-based petrochemical industries in Jubail and Yanbu. Over time, the MGS has been expanded as more oil and non-associated gas fields have been placed on stream, and as demand has risen for dry gas in the power sector,” said Al-Suwailem. “As of 2018, the MGS gathered almost 3.5 trillion cubic feet per year and is one of the world’s largest single hydrocarbon networks. It includes 4,000 km of pipelines, 50 gas oil separation plants, seven gas plants, and two natural gas liquid units,” he added. Compared with other G20 nations, the Kingdom ranks fourth in terms of flaring intensity (a measurement of cubic feet of gas flared more...