Saudi Arabia showcases its model of cybersecurity resilience

SourceSaudi Gazette
CountrySaudi Arabia

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia showcased its model to strengthen the security and resilience of critical infrastructure against cyber attacks and other hazards during a meeting of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Council Working Group on international public policy issues related to the Internet.During the meeting, which was attended by ITU secretary-general Houlin Zhao, his deputy Malcolm Johnson and a number of representatives of the ITU member states, the Kingdom shared with the member states the Saudi model for strengthening the resilience of cybersecurity during the year of its presidency of the G20 and the virtual G20 Leaders' Summit.During its G20 presidency, the Kingdom, represented by the National Cybersecurity Authority, was keen to develop the model, as a comprehensive reference for the countries that will chair the G20 in the future and all major conference organizers.Participants in the meeting praised the Saudi model for strengthening cybersecurity resilience, and its contribution to holding this important event safely and reliably. more...