Saudi: Klija Festival Begins in Buraidah on Thursday

Saudi: Klija Festival Begins in Buraidah on Thursday

The 15th Klija Festival will begin on Thursday, February 8th at the King Khalid Cultural Center in Buraidah.

People from across the Gulf countries, including 200 families, 20 craftsmen and owners of traditional businesses specializing in handicrafts, will be participating at the festival which is organized by the Qassim Chamber of Commerce.

More than 700 people will be supporting the programs over the 10-day festival.

The chamber aimed to create a popular product available for sale at exhibitions and distribution points throughout the year to guarantee work for productive families.

More than 200 families, along with food trucks, will be at the event. It will showcase and market the Klija cookie as the top popular product in the region.

The festival will boast several halls to feature the products and displays of families, companies, and factories.

It will also include a Ramadan area, a headquarters of participating regions and countries, a heritage area, a live klija cooking area, cafes and restaurants.

A children’s theater, a Roman theater, a space devoted to organic food and natural products, and an area for childcare will also be on hand at the event.