Six key areas of focus for CIOs and the IT function

Six key areas of focus for CIOs and the IT function

With digital at the forefront of competitive advantage and innovation, organizations of all sorts and sizes are investing into their digital capabilities. New research from pinpoints the six areas of focus that should be on the investment roadmap of any CIO.

In the fresh publication ‘The future of IT’ by KPMG, the researchers explore the future of the IT function, coming with the evident conclusion that IT functions are gaining prominence within organizations as business and operating models pivot to digital, and progress becomes increasingly dependent on information technology.

The report builds on previous research from KPMG, which found that investments in digital transformation are accelerating in the region, and that executives in the Middle East are on the on the front foot when it comes to adopting emerging technologies.

Fadi Al Sheikh, Partner at KPMG in Saudi Arabia

Leading the IT function and broader digital transformation agenda is the Chief Information Officer (CIO), who according to KPGG faces a “highly complex and diverse investment agenda” in 2024. To help CIOs cut through the cutter, KPMG’s researchers have assembled a list of six ‘must invest’ areas for the coming twelve months.

The first is IT consumed as a service, known as XaaS, a trend that is