Is handwriting still relevant in the digital age? – MENAFN.COM


(MENAFN – Khaleej Times) I clearly remember the day my elder son showed me his notebook, back in 2004, and I was compelled to meet his teacher and thank her for tolerating his handwriting. The scene at home was not very encouraging as he was made to write numerous pages every day, just to ensure his handwriting was neat. Fast-forward to 2021, his siblings who finish most of their work on devices, have never undergone the trauma of being shouted at or condemned for not writing ‘neatly’, since this is the age of ‘autocorrect’ and predictive text.

So in this digital era, how relevant is handwriting? Parents of the tech-savvy generation delight when their infants and toddlers swipe the keys on mobiles and devices — a badge of honour that was once worn by parents of children with beautiful handwriting. Does this mean that handwriting is now a thing of the past? Maybe not. One quick check on Google more...