“Citizen developers and IT professionals must find new ways of working together” – Kissflow

  • Date: 20-Jan-2023
  • Source: Tahawultech
  • Sector:Technology
  • Country:UAE
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“Citizen developers and IT professionals must find new ways of working together” – Kissflow

Dinesh Varadhharajan, Chief Product Officer at Kissflow, believes that the advent of Citizen developers is going to play a key role in the next digital decade as businesses continue to grapple with the demands of rapid digital transformation.

The UAE is a leading force for digital transformation, with companies in the region quick to adopt new technologies and steadily further their aspirations on the journey to digitisation.

This transformation is supported by ambitious government initiatives and strategies such as the new Higher Committee for Government Digital Transformation and the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025.

In fact, the UAE was ranked among the world’s best countries for government digital transformation.

With the rising demand for software, technology, and applications to support this digitisation, many IT departments are struggling to keep the pace.

This, coupled with increased access to no-code and low-code tools, is changing the way businesses create software and opening up a whole new way of working – coined citizen developers.

A fundamental change

As companies strive for digitisation, there is an unprecedented demand for skilled developers.

But a major stumbling block on the digitisation journey is the availability of experienced talent able to meet this growing requirement. No-code and low-code tools have an important role