Fintech start-ups shake up MENA’s financial sector

CountryMiddle east

“We want people to adopt different currencies,” she said.

“You have to make it easy for them to buy and sell, then you build a community around them.”Doudin added that bitcoin was increasingly used for peer-to-peer lending, the practice of lending money by using web-based platforms that match borrowers with investors. With fewer overheads than traditional lenders, they can offer entrepreneurs significant savings.Financing SMEs Craig Moore, CEO of Beehive, an online platform that applies the concept of crowdfunding to connect start-ups and SMEs with investors, said it took some time to educate the market about what peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is and how it works, but the concept is starting to catch on.“A good-quality SME, if it’s well run, its financials are growing and it wants to take on finance for the more...