The digital dilemma — is technology a force for good or evil for employee wellbeing

SourceGulf Business
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

It comes as no surprise that digital technology has transformed the way many businesses operate and support their employees. From the Internet of Things (IoT), communications platforms and collaboration software to smartphones, apps and virtual services, tech is an undeniably powerful force, something that has become glaringly evident over the last few months. But, when it comes to its impact on employees’ health and well-being, is it a force for good or for evil — or a little bit of both? And what can employers do to leverage the positive influences and diminish the negative impact on workers? The positive: Technology and digital innovation as a health promoter According to the recent Aetna International Digital Health Dilemma 2020 report, survey respondents — including over 1000 from the United Arab more...