Top 3 Waterfront locations in Dubai, offering unparalleled luxury living

  • Date: 09-Jun-2023
  • Source: Zawya
  • Sector:Technology
  • Country:UAE
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Top 3 Waterfront locations in Dubai, offering unparalleled luxury living

Realiste, the AI-based proptech company revolutionizing the real estate industry, is thrilled to announce the unveiling of Dubai's top hidden gem waterfront locations, offering unparalleled access to water and redefining the concept of luxury living in the city.

While everyone is familiar with the iconic Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and neighboring locations like Bluewaters Island and Dubai Harbour, Realiste has delved deeper to identify a more intriguing and less obvious top list of locations with exceptional access to various water bodies in Dubai.

With the recent update to the “Index” platform, Realiste has introduced an exciting new feature that ranks locations based on the number of residential buildings with direct access to lakes, canals, and other water bodies. Through meticulous analysis and advanced technology, it has uncovered the hidden gems of Dubai's waterfront living.

1️. Jumeirah Bay Island. Located on a premium island, the cluster is adorned with luxurious apartments and villas. An impressive 98.4% of the residences in this location have direct access to the Persian Gulf. The renowned developer Meraas has played a significant role in shaping this exclusive waterfront destination. The property prices in this specific waterfront location are among the most expensive in Dubai. Average price: 11,471 AED