UAE astronaut programme shortlists 61 candidates for second edition

SourceGulf Business

A total of 61 candidates have been handpicked from 4,305 applicants for the second installment of the UAE Astronaut Programme, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has confirmed. The UAE’s next two astronauts are to be chosen from the shortlisted candidates that will join the country’s astronaut core and assist in future space missions. The list of 4,305 applicants – which marked a 7 per cent increase from the first batch – was filtered down to 2,099 applicants based on their age, educational background, and scientific research experience. The applicants then underwent an online test, through which the top 1,000 candidates were selected. In the next phase, these candidates were made to undergo IQ, personality, and technical assessments. The top 122 from the 1,000 were interviewed virtually, bringing the shortlist down more...