UAE features among ‘Stand Out’ digital economies across the world

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UAE features among ‘Stand Out’ digital economies across the world

The UAE is leading the way as a digital powerhouse across the Middle East, with a firm focus on the implementation of smart government and cities - with digital social services, education, healthcare and clusters to support entrepreneurship, a new study has revealed.

Meanwhile, the Middle East is also garnering prominence as a digital hotspot, the Digital Intelligence Index released by the Fletcher School at Tufts University, the Graduate School of Global Affairs at Tufts University and Mastercard has revealed.

Besides the UAE, regional economies such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain also featured in the index, having outlined long-term strategic plans, supported by high levels of education, young populations and access to global talent, to transform their economies to digitally advanced ones. The index charts the progress countries have made in advancing their digital economies, building trust and integrating connectivity.

Middle Eastern and North African economies have also made impressive progress in reducing digital inequities, bringing millions more online and empowering the previously digitally disenfranchised communities. Geographic and gender disparities have been alleviated too.

Bhaskar Chakravorti, Dean of Global Business at The Fletcher School, said: "The pandemic may be the purest test of the world's progress towards digitalisation. We have a clearer view on