The Fixed Income Dilemma

SourceDar Al Aqar
SectorReal Estate

by Ammar Abulohom, CEO of Dar Al Aqar.
If you want to have a low-risk portfolio and keep your money at arm's length, then you're a safe investor, and you've done well by going with the safe option. But remember, you are living off those returns only, and there is no "fairy-tale story that goes on forever.
Today, as a fixed income conservative investor, you are faced with a dilemma: Accept hyper low-risk investments with restless low returns or stay-in cash. Neither your fixed deposits nor your good rated bonds are contributing to your expected minimal returns. Today, money is worth its weight minus inflation; whether you screen the interwebs for ideas or activate your bionic ear in gatherings, you will always question, "What's a safe bet with a reasonable return"? more...