Nature’s timeless secrets set in stone

  • Date: 09-Feb-2024
  • Source: The Arabian Stories News
  • Sector:Tourism
  • Country:Egypt
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Nature’s timeless secrets set in stone

The wind-eroded rocks of Duqm, scattered across the plain, have emerged as a captivating feature that demands exploration.

The post Nature’s timeless secrets set in stone appeared first on The Arabian Stories News.Historians say that gardening originated in ancient Egypt around 2000 B.C. A commodity that belonged to the elite in society, it soon became an easily accessible commodity once the concept of gardening started bearing roots across neighbouring countries and then around the world.

Now, there’s probably a garden very close to your home, teeming with families, giggles of children and a thriving community seeking an escape from nature.

Gardens were always meant to be a natural solution to emulate the beauty of nature in an accessible manner, but that sets the vibrant topography of Oman apart, as you find natural gems all across the Sultanate, and one such unique spot is called the Rock Garden.

Photo Credit: ONA

The Rock Garden, spanning approximately 6 square kilometres, is a geological marvel that has become a focal point for tourists and nature enthusiasts. Comprising intricate sandstone and limestone formations, the garden’s unique sculptures tell a silent tale of wind, water, ice, and time.

The wind-eroded rocks, sculpted into curious round boulders and seemingly gravity-defying formations, create