The 25 Most Popular Beaches in America


Some of the world’s best beaches are in the U.S.

And while many travel restrictions are still in place, six in 10 American travelers are expected to make a beach trip in 2021, according to TripAdvisor.

Lindsay Nelson, the company’s brand officer, told Newsweek: “”Travel has the transformative power to restore our whole selves, especially after this last year, and we continue to see that so many of America’s beaches are the perfect anecdote to be a place of relaxation and healing for so many people desperately wanting to travel again and make up for lost time.”

Best estimates suggest there are about 90,000 beaches across America, and there is no definitive list of visitor numbers.

However, Newsweek has scoured local tourist information sites for visitor estimates to bring you this rundown of the 25 most popular beaches in America.

Huntington Beach19 million annual visitorsHuntington Beach is known as Surf City, USA for good reason
Allison Cherry/Getty Images

Hugging Southern California’s curving shoreline, Huntington Beach more...