Even for those vaccinated, travel woes aren’t over – Roya News English

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Sunday, it was announced that over one billion COVID-19 vaccines had been administered worldwide. The figure sounds worthy of celebration: one billion is a big number, and with many developed countries saying they are intent on achieving a ‘safe summer,’ millions are celebrating the ideas of concerts, travel, and maskless beaches.

In reality, the number is not one worthy of particular attention. Aggressive vaccine campaigns are disproportionately concentrated in wealthier countries, meaning the breakdown of one billion doses actually looks something like 230 million in the US, 130 million in the EU, 117 million in India, 33 million in the UK, 26 million in Brazil, and 500 million in the other 164 countries.

The numbers are even more alarming when looked at per capita in wealthy nations as compared to poor ones- some 70 countries are yet to even receive vaccines.

But vaccine inequality isn’t the only barrier for many in developing countries who want to enjoy a corona-free summer.

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