Lebanon’s tourism sector seeks relief to recover from lockdown

SourceArab News

BEIRUT: Lebanon’s tourism sector is seeking an ease in lockdown restrictions so businesses can stay afloat, amid warnings from medical experts and health officials to pay heed to India’s coronavirus catastrophe to avert a deeper crisis.
Jean Beiruti, secretary-general of the Tourism and Trade Unions Federation, said Lebanon had succeeded in gradually reducing the number of COVID-19 infections which would encourage tourism establishments to soon resume their work.
“We call on the authorities to ease measures in open places such as swimming pools, restaurants and outdoor cafes, and extend the opening times until after midnight instead of 9:30 p.m.,” he told Arab News.
Although domestic tourism did not cover all losses, it was sufficient to keep the sector going, he said.
Beiruti said that Lebanon was facing challenging times because of the pandemic and a “stifling economic crisis.”
The crisis had caused 50 percent of tourism establishments to close down or suffer severely, he added, and the tourism sector...read more...