Where Our Favorite Travel Experts Are Dreaming of Traveling Now

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One upside from the pandemic? We’ll never take travel for granted again—even those whose job it is to see the world and report back. Grounded, we all missed the once-ordinary act of landing in a new place. Now that the world is slowly opening up and vaccinations have made travel safer, the question many of us have is, “Where in the world do I want to go?”

For some inspiration, Newsweek caught up with our favorite travel experts to ask about their dream post-pandemic trips.

Journalist and TV host Oneika Raymond is dreaming of expansive views on Namibia’s endless sand dunes, while PBS Travel TV Host Samantha Brown wants to take it nice and slow on a horse-drawn wagon on Mackinac Island, Michigan, and The Points Guy founder Brian Kelly says it’s time to dream big, like “swimming with humpback whales off of Tahiti”-big. But they all agree—it’s time to start believing in travel dreams again.

National Park, Namibia
Oneika Raymond,...