Saudi Tourism Authority launches Kiram program

SourceSaudi Gazette
CountrySaudi Arabia

RIYADH — The Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) announced the launch of the "kiram" program to formulate and create inspiring tourism experiences, by embracing creative and talented people with rich experiences, efforts and ideas in the tourism field.Kiram program also provides support and assistance through training, qualification, talent, capacity development and enable them to launch in the arena of work, creativity and success.This step comes within the programs of the Saudi Tourism Authority in the field of community participation, which aims to support local communities, create employment and investment opportunities, enable them to join the sector.It would also enhance the capabilities of entrepreneurs to reap and maximize economic benefits, in addition to consolidating feelings of welcome, hospitality and the values of Saudi hospitality.For those wishing to join the program, can view more details and register by visiting the official website of the "Kiram" program in many tourist experience tracks, including "heritage, culture, arts, adventure, luxury and recreation.Candidates will be selected and included through several stages under the supervision of a group of more...