Saudi’s TRSDC appoints ARCHIRODON to design-build bridge to Shurayrah Island – MEP MiddleEast

SourceMEP Middle East
CountrySaudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) — the developer of the kingdom’s 28,000km2 The Red Sea Project, one of the world’s most ambitious tourism initiatives — has appointed ARCHIRODON to design and build a 1.2km iconic bridge which is part of the 3.3km crossing to its main hub island, Shurayrah.

ARCHIRODON, a leading EPC global group, will provide engineering, procurement, and construction support to complete the building of the Shurayrah bridge.

The bridge will stretch a total of 1.2km across the Red Sea, with two small 36m sections at each end of the crossing to allow for movement of marine mammals.

The chief executive officer of TRSDC, John Pagano, said: “Shurayrah Bridge will become one of the main access points for guests onto the island, and its completion will mark a major undertaking in the development of the destination.

“Its construction is truly monumental as not only will the bridge be the very first connection to the islands, its construction more...