Speaker lineup for World Tourism Day in Riyadh revealed

  • Date: 24-Sep-2023
  • Source: Arab News
  • Sector:Tourism
  • Country:Saudi Arabia
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Speaker lineup for World Tourism Day in Riyadh revealed

RIYADH: Saudi craftsmanship and family legacies are being kept alive through weaving and creative works.

Contemporary weaver Hana Almilli explores patterns of sadu weaving, creating masterpieces with a traditional twist.

Almilli told Arab News: “In a world that is constantly evolving, being a part of the few who are actively preserving tradition while exploring their artistry feels like a meaningful contribution. It’s a testament to the enduring value of heritage and the capacity of art to transcend time and space.”

Sadu weaving is an ancient tribal weaving craft that artistically portrays Arabian nomadic people’s rich cultural heritage.

As a multimedia artist and arts and culture management professional, Almilli said she feels a sense of duty in keeping traditions alive, “not only for my family, but also for generations to come to be able to keep histories through tangible assemblages.”

Through the earth, I come back home by Hana Almilli. (Supplied)

While in her third year studying abroad for a bachelor’s degree in architecture, Almilli had an epiphany that would soon change her educational track.

She said: “I wanted to delve into my artistic practice and also regain the textile practice that was always a part of my childhood. I decided to take a knitting course to regain the