Revealed: Popular spring break tourist destinations for UAE travellers


UAE - Maldives and Tanzania are the most popular holiday destinations for Emiratis travelling for the spring break holidays.As travel restrictions ease, the UAE is witnessing a trend of more travellers looking to explore the world.It revealed that 70 per cent of its bookings in 2021 so far have been for outbound travel."So far, in 2021, 63 per cent of our overall bookings have been for couples looking for a tailor-made romantic getaway and a stress-free honeymoon. This has been followed by families who come to us to ease the process of arranging their holiday and all of the extra details they might be looking for,” said general manager Rehab Mansoor.For spring break 2021, one of the most popular itineraries of choice covers six days in Bosnia covering its Olympic Mountains, the beautiful scenery of Lake Jablanica, and the historic town of Mostar."The Maldives is more family-friendly than ever, offering a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities for more...